3 Ways Being Healthy Can Produce Happiness. Health and Happiness. In my experience I found that when I feel well physically I am happier. During the pandemic I was able to examine myself in regards to my happiness. The entire time I was sick with Covid I was unhappy. I believe there is a correlation. Studies have shown that although traditionally thought of as two distinctly different things; both can be dependent each other. While feeling happy emotions you are more optimistic, seemingly more energized and more conscientious of others. Thinking about this comparison I thought I’d make a list of the correlations I found. There are many correlations but I narrowed it down to 3 topics. These are the topics that resonated with me the most. I feel that being healthy can produce happies by these modalities.

Freedom From Debilities: Debilities are often the same as disability. One is the result of the other. Debility can be thought of as weak, or fragile. When someone is disabled mentally or physically they carry their infirmity as delbilition (weakness, feebleness). When some overcomes the state of feebleness either actually or symbolically that freedom is displayed as happiness. A man who is in a wheelchair; bound to it; will live his life disabled. But could be free from the delibilty in his mind and other functioning parts of his body. Once he has found strength he is free. He may never be able to walk again but has accepted his state and has resolved to strengthen the rest of his body. Now that he has found his freedom, he can freely live a much happier.

Breaks boundaries: We could talk breaking down boundaries for days. Let’s give our two cents on the present state of access to healthcare in America. In my experience as a retail pharmacist I saw this1st hand. There is an ever rising demand for healthcare. People are living longer, more educated, and there’s fast methods of traveling. My generation (x) has experienced the most innovation than ever before. With innovation, things have progressively been expected to be faster. The demand for faster, newer, better has trickled down to healthcare. Clinicians are expected to see a patient, not examine with touch, update life since last visit, talk about health concerns, agree on options, input those options and chart; then on to the next appointment . The expectation is to perform all of this in 20 mins. Creating a worry between both parties that a health issue was not noticed. Every industry is pushing faster production. And that’s ok if you are a florist, writer etc. But when you are in a clinic going too fast could mean life or death. From the patient’s perspective they are paying so much for health insurance but not receiving the quality of care they deserve. There’s new wave of clinicians moving to holistic practices. Wellness is moving to the forefront with the backing from leading healthcare professionals. These types of disciplines have gained much more respect in the healthcare industry. The patient’s have options for quality care. And the clinicians are free to value their patients and provide quality care. The joy I experienced when I made this transition in my own life as a patient and as a clinician, was insurmountable. Taking the time to build a relationship between clinician and patient allows both to slow down, be present, discuss, and process things with increased efficiency and with accuracy. A huge boundary has broken because of the wellness movement. Wellness is breaking down doors.

Renews Purpose: Have you ever found yourself back in a state you thought would never happen again? You thought you overcame that situation. I see this a lot in healthcare. It is disheartening when a patient that has successfully overcome a health issue picks it back up. One person in particular, was a drug addict, who was at a very low place when we met. He was thousands of miles from his family, on the street, wandering the streets of LA looking for the next hit. He would come to my pharmacy from time to time and shoplift. Our lost prevention would confiscate stolen items and escort him out of the store. The store manager and I offered to get him help for his drug problem and homelessness. He accepted the help, went to a program and finished. He got out and was doing really well for about a year. He got in touch with his family, and found a job. He was so happy. In one years, he found himself on drugs again. He came to see me at the pharmacy to confess what he had done. He was very disappointed in himself, carrying so much guilt. He thought I would hate him because I helped him out and he replasted. I tried to encourage but at that moment he was not ready to receive it. Months had passed by, he was drunk and high, he came to the pharmacy and attempted to shoplift again. The store manager stopped him and confiscated the stolen items. He began to cry, and apologize for stealing. That day he was at rock bottom, totally broken and ready to make a real change. He went back into the program. This time when finished he came by the pharmacy to say hello. He looked much better than the last he came to see us. He was so happy, he looked finally free. Getting help for his addiction transformed his life. Even though he had relapsed, he was determined to renew the fight for sobriety and purpose.

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