Realizing yourself worth.

Oftentimes the struggles with ourselves causes us to devalue who we are. We lack confidence in the area. Maybe, due to a relationship, embarrassing moments, or failing a test. Sometimes we allow these situations to change our self perception in a negative way, which leads to giving up. I believe developing grit can start here. Being able to recognize who you are, what you have to offer, and that God took to the timeout for you specifically to mold you into the person you are today; you will realize your worth. The realization that there is no one exactly like you is a powerful motivator. Scientifically, every hair on your head and cell in your body is specific to you. All things being equal, if you have a sibling who lived under the same conditions, had the same amount of nourishment, love and affection, they still would not be you. Once this self worth is embraced it will be very hard to detour from any goal.

Healthy competition

Sometimes we are not inspired to do our best. We can be happy at doing just enough or the minimum. Health competition can give us true inspiration. The competition does not have to be aggressive or produce conflict. It pushes you to study a little more, come in a little earlier, put down that extra cookie, to work to become more knowledgeable . Giving speeches, the speaker will tell the audience, such and such pushed me to do my best. Such and Such inspired him. The inspiration did not represent the score, the trophy, or the accolades; it represented an attitude, the atmosphere, it set the tone to go the extra mile. When able to go shoulder to shoulder with someone, giving their best, it will propel you to give your best producing grit.

Being Denied Access

Being denied access is a barrier that is complex. Because unlike realizing your worth and healthy competition the power to overcome is not always in your hands. Being denied access implies that a certain standard is not met therefore disqualifying you from participation. The denial could be unfair, unjust or it could be within arms reach. But what it does for spirit is ignite the courage and resolve it takes to break down the barrier. To me this is the hard test of grit. It was the one that I personally struggled with most. It all had to do with my weight. Alot of time overweight or obese persons are judged prematurely on their appearance. This transcends gender, race, nationality; it’s universal. Sometimes it is the little thing that regular sized folks take for granted. Like going to a movie, amusement park, on plane rides or anywhere involving a seat. Can be very embarrassing when you can’t physically fit in the seat. It can be scarring to say the least. The gatekeepers may argue that you did this to yourself, but it does not change how it has affected you. When I came to this point of being denied in my life, it springboarded my action to remove the barrier. Not having access to do things I wanted gave me the determination to lose weight.

Learn To Get Back Up & Pivot

I feel like learning to pivot, getting back up again, is the result of all the other provocations of grit. Here you’ve realized your worth, created health competition and bypassed the access denied to you. Now possess the strength to change. At the culmination of all you had to overcome, the action now is to move on. It is a scary step to take. It has uncertainty, it is unfamiliar and it is uncomfortable. Here you have to trust. You may have something that gives support, but most assuredly you have to have faith. When people say trust the process well this is the process. Learning to get back up and making the necessary changes or reassessing and adjusting takes courage, it takes grit.

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