We want you to get the support and guidance necessary for the successful weight loss surgery journey you deserve.

Fostering lasting weight loss results, transforming mindsets and lifestyle habits with functional medicine.

Dr. Kamika Baylor is a pharmacist, functional medicine specialist and bariatric weight loss surgery veteran. From her experience in healthcare and weight loss surgery she developed a course to help with the struggles of weight loss surgery after surgery. The course provides solutions to prevent weight regain and for successful weight reduction.

A Holistic Approach

It’s essential that our clients get personalized functional medicine coaching based on a strategic plan that best matches their weight loss surgery goal from the beginning stages to maintenance stages.

Often times many weight loss clients get lost in the gap between meeting goal and maintaining goal. Rather than let this gap continue to widen for our clients we’ve created a course with solutions designed around keeping the weight off. Our Dynamic Changes WLS Regain Prevention course will equip enrollees with solutions necessary for maintaining weight loss target, prevent putting the weight back on and stopping weight regain in its tracks.

Our service will not replace or undermine your doctor’s recommendations, advice or course of action concerning your healthcare. Always follow your doctor’s instructions. We are providing coaching for weight loss and wellness from a wholistic perspective.

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Wellness assessment

Online, this assessment allows for a baseline wellness check. Typically, done initially and maybe repeated once milestones are met and/or weight loss focus changes. After the Session a customized plan and rate will be made available to the client.

60 min

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Pre Weight loss surgery session

Online, this time will be spent evaluating your physical, emotional, and lifestyle obstacles that have prevented successful weight loss, assess wls as an option, and assess readiness to make dynamic changes. After the Session a customized plan and rate will be made available to the client.

45 mins

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Lab testing and Supplements

Professional lab testing, available through our lab partners. During assessment we will establish laboratory needs with our clients, refer to lab partner and consult client on findings.

Comprehensive 1:1 Supplement assessment and recommendation session based on wellness assessment and lab testing. Rate included if booking both wellness assessment and lab testing. Rates also available for al a cart supplement recommendation sessions.

30 mins

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A La Carte Services

All A La Carte service are online. Group Sessions are available for clients who would like to have sessions together. Couples Sessions and Parent-Child Sessions are available for clients interested in making wellness changes as a family.

60 min

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