Cauliflower will wow you. It’s a Cruciferous vegetable, and an excellent source of fiber, low Carb, a good source for antioxidants, choline, and can aid in weight loss.

Let’s talk about fiber: Research shows that Americans consume way less fiber than is needed. It’s recommended by the USDA for adults to eat 21-38 grams of fiber daily; more or less depending on age and gender. The average American Consumes 10-15 mg daily. Food rich in fiber improves digestive health and reduces inflammation that cause conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis and can even reduce constipation. Cauliflower is high in fiber which can help in reducing overall risks.

Let’s talk about antioxidants: The body produces harmful free radicals that cause oxidation that lead to inflammation. Antioxidants like the ones found in cauliflower help to stop free radicals from forming, prevent cancer, heart disease and inflammation. Cauliflower is rich in several antioxidants like:

  • Sulforaphane: found in plants; has been researched Studies show that it slows cancer progression, slows diabetes complications and helps with lowering blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C: acts as an antioxidant; reducing inflammation and boosting immune system
  • Carotenoids and Flavonoids: reduces risk of heart disease and is known as an anti-cancer
  • Glucosinolates and Isothiocyanates: slows the growth of cancer cells and protects against cancers in colon, prostate, lung and

Let’s talk about Choline: is a very important nutrient for development, neuro processes, DNA synthesis and Studies suggest people deficient in choline often have neurological conditions and cholesterol accumulation leading to Alzheimer’s, dementia, fatty liver and heart disease.

Let’s talk about weight loss: A larger proportion of our weight is water; so eating foods with high water content can help in meeting weight loss goals. As previously mentioned, cauliflower is rich in fiber. Fibrous foods can give the stomach signals of fullness by slowing digestion causing reduced dietary intake and ultimately producing weight

Fun Fact: Cauliflower is now being used as a grain substitute. There are some pretty awesome ways cauliflower is being used in the kitchen. There’s Cauliflower Rice, Cauliflower mac & cheese, Cauliflower mash and Cauliflower pizza dough. Really, in my opinion cauliflower is tastier when served See my quick & easy recipe for Roast Cauliflower below.

Easy Oven Roasted Cauliflower

Preheat oven to 425f prep time 8 mins | cook time:20-25 mins |total time: 28-33 mins

Ingredients: 1 head of cauliflower, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, ½ teaspoon Kosher salt or Sea salt, ¼ teaspoon black pepper or paprika. Materials: large baking sheet, paper towels, tongs, mixing bowl and foil.

Cut 1 head of fresh cauliflower into florets and wash thoroughly. Place all the florets on paper towels to help soak up some of the moisture. Put florets in the mixing bowl. Drizzle oil all over the florets, Sprinkle salt then the pepper evenly over the florets, use tong to toss in the bowl. Coat the baking sheet with oil, distribute the florets evenly on the baking sheet with the tongs. Cover with foil and bake for 20 mins at 425f. Remove foil then put in the oven for another 5 mins until golden brown on top.

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