Dr. Kamika Baylor is a Experienced Pharmacy Manager with a demonstrated history of working in health care and pharmacy profession. Dr. Kamika’s objective has been to provide excellent service and patient care to improve health outcomes. Dr. Kamika enjoys engaging patients, delivering consultation and medication reconciliation. She is skilled at Team Building and Leadership.

At the age of 22, Dr. Kamika made the best decision of her life regarding weight and health. She had bariatric surgery. It was the tool she needed to maximize weight loss, change bad eating habits and understand portion control.

Years following surgery, Dr. Kamika went to study Pharmacy at Loma Linda School of Pharmacy. After Pharmacy school, Dr. Kamika went on to work for the largest drug chain in America. She focused her practice around providing kindness, empathy, patience, and accessibility to patients.

She was a successful Pharmacist In charge but while looking to learn more about holistic medicine and genomics Dr. Kamika, became very interested in Functional Medicine. She saw that functional medicine was a area ideal for her to help people change health outcomes, and promote wellness beginning at the root cause.

Dr. Kamika uses her skill sets as a pharmacist and functional medicine professional to make an impact on the bariatric community. She prides herself on being a goal chaser because she is at her best when working toward a goal and helping others meet goals. Applying this mentality to weight loss journeys and bariatric clientale is something she is driven to do.

Dr. Kamika successfully lost 170 pounds since having WLS 20 years ago. She had a positive weight loss journey though dedication, discipline and accountability. Dr. Kamika is prepared to function as a weight loss surgery, guide, coach and consultant at every phase of the journey.

“Eating to live; not to feel”—Dr. Kamika Baylor

Melissa Allen

Resource Assistant

It all begins once you have a made up mind. The support from a community of like minded individuals is critical for success on a WLS journey. Maybe you just need a nudge in the right direction, or maybe you’ve found yourself completely off course. It’s time to dig deeper. It is not time to give up. It’s time to sharpen your tools and add to your tool kit. Wherever you are on your path to a thinner you, we are here to support you all long the way. Join our tribe & let’s be dynamic together.

Eva Garrison-Williams

Experienced Mentor

During this time of transition into a thinner heathier life, with surgery or not, take care of your mental health. I can’t stress this enough. I am 36 years post and have been blessed to experience so much on this journey. I’m grateful for the space to provide help to those in need.