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What are you looking for?

You’ll be asked a few questions to help us tailor our suggestion


Personalized Suggestions.

We’ll formulate a game plan and strategic road map to help you navigate your journey.


Accountability and Support.

Schedule a 15 minute virtual consultation with Dr. Kamika to see if this program is right one for you and if our services offer what you’ve been searching to find.

“The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness”

— Arthur Schopenhauer


What is the length of your post-op program?

4 session program

6 session program

12 session program

What is the length of your pre-op program?

4 session program

6 session program

12 session program

Can I start your program if I do not plan to have weight loss surgery?

Yes, we welcome anyone interested in starting a weight loss journey. We also welcome, clients or caregivers looking to help their loved one be successful in reaching weight loss goals.

Will these services be covered by my insurance?

Currently we did not accept insurance. However, we do accept Health Saving Plans for payment.

Do you offer couples sessions or coaching?

Yes, couple sessions are available with Dr. Kamika. Parent-Child session may be available if requested by parent of a obese or over weight child. Dr. Kamika plans to offer group sessions as well to those clients interested in group interaction.