BSkinny Global Transformation Weight Loss Drops | 2 ounces




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(as of Mar 23,2023 23:21:07 UTC – Details)

The Transformation drops are very effective on a very low calorie diet (VLCD).

It is the VLCD that causes the weight loss.. There is NO magic pill that one could take and then just sit back and watch tv while the weight melts off. The Transformation drops are an appetite suppressant. They help maintain your energy levels while on the VLCD (calories are fuel – energy for your body).

Most important benefit of the Transformation drops by BSkinny Globalare that when you lose weight rapidly, your body thinks it’s starving and will rid itself of fat AND MUSCLE – (think metabolism).

We want to protect this muscle (one pound of muscle is much more dense than one pound of fat AND burns many more calories/day than one pound of fat) Because of its density (MORE DENSE) muscle takes up less room in the body than its counterpart (fat).

So a person could hypothetically stay the same weight on the scale while looking smaller and dropping pant/dress sizes. (all while increasing their metabolism – gaining fat burning muscle) The TRANSFORMATION drops help minimize the loss of muscle during this VLCD. Your body need to burn approximately 2500 additional calories per day than you consume (eat or drink) to lose one pound.

The drops help maintain your metabolism (the rate you burn calories) to help prevent the yo yo effect of dieting. They Work! But you must Work too. We wish you wellness.