Probiotics and Prebiotics + SBO Probiotics (60 Billion CFU | 90 Capsules) Acidophilus Probiotic w. Saccharomyces Boulardii, Bifidobacterium + Spore Probiotic & Organic Sprouted Prebiotic Fiber Blend




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Safety Information :

Caution: Not intended for those under age 18, pregnant or nursing mothers, those trying to get pregnant, individuals taking prescription medications or with a known medical condition including high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, hypothyroidism, or those taking any antidepressant medications. Consult a healthcare professional before using this dietary supplement. Do not exceed recommended dose. Discontinue use immediately if nausea, sleeplessness, or nervousness occur.
Grown in Small Batches. A fresh new organic crop of sprouted fiber is grown in minerals for each batch of our proprietary Prebiotic Organic Sprouted Fiber and Mineral Blend providing you with pure, fresh, unadulterated, ingredients you can trust. From ancient peat, organic spirulina, to organic flax sprout, you’re getting the absolute freshest SBO prebiotics available.*
Immune Support Digestive Support. Containing 60 billion CFU of raw organic prebiotic fibers and probiotics known as “friendly” bacteria to support immunity, gut, and digestion. “Friendly” bacteria such as Lactobacillus are known to help break down food and absorb nutrients.*
Lab-Tested, GMP Compliant – Using only the highest-quality, ingredients, this product is manufactured in a facility following GMP guidelines. The product is then 3rd party Lab-Tested to assure the quality of the ingredients.*
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