Ultra Thermogenic Fat Burner Serum. Appetite Suppressant + Energy Booster. Burns Calories & Attacks Fat Storage by Regulating Insulin Resistant. Stable Creatine for Lean Muscle Growth with L Carnitine




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About this Product

You’re ready to grow strong and look great, to strut the beach showing off washboard ABS. All that stands between you and a cut, lean Body are a few pounds of stubborn belly fat. You’re pumped and ready to make iron strong ABS your priority, to do whatever it takes to turn muscle into fat, get Ripped and stay strong. Ultra Thermo serum is the secret weapon in your quest for weight loss and rock-hard ABS. Shed unwanted belly fat in record time fueled by a Creatine hcl serum engineered to supercharge your metabolism. Unlock the inner fire that boosts your metabolism, burns fat and intensifies every single workout.

Ultra Thermo thermogenically stimulates your metabolism by producing heat, enabling your body to become a hyper-efficient fat-burning machine. The result is a steady metabolic boost that will get you training harder, more often with better results. Sculpt the washboard ABS you’ve always desired powered by liquid Creatine – the next generation in pre-workout supplements.

Invented in 1995, mm USA sports nutrition serums are safe, stable and bioavailable Creatine pre-workout supplements. Get the edge you need. Get fast-acting benefits that go straight into your bloodstream allowing your body to directly absorb their nutrients.


MMUSA’s formulation works like nothing else. Building powerful, more efficient muscles that will improve your balance, endurance and speed. Never forget that your muscles are the single most important success factor in your athletic performance.

Since 1995, MMUSA has proudly produced world class formulas, meticulously made in the USA. Continuously researching and designing the most powerful performance enhancers known to science, we are confident that our innovative products will improve your athletic performance–whatever your physical condition, age, gender or sport.
✅FAT BURNER + EXTREME ENERGY BOOSTER. Boosts your physical performance. supports your cardio or aerobic exercise. An excellent formula to burn calories and improve overall health.
✅POWERFUL METABOLISM BOOSTER. Optimize your body’s metabolic machinery. No nervousness, no tremors, no sleep loss. Most importantly, Ultra Thermo boost your energy and metabolism without increasing your stress level. So you can exercise longer and naturally maintain a healthy body weight.
✅HELP BUILD LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH. In addition to increasing the metabolic rate and stimulating thermogenesis, Ultra Thermo burns fat while preserving muscle glycogen. Adds strength, buffers lactic acid & accelerates muscle growth with the right training.
✅SCIENCE BACKED WEIGHT LOSS INGREDIENTS. Formulated with Inositol, L Carnitine & Guarana Extract to help the body produce long lasting extra energy for extreme weight Loss.
✅STABLE CREATINE LIQUID. Stable and soluble creatine serum to keep your energy recharged all day even after a great workout. No loading needed.